Simple, Fun and Inexpensive Corporate Team Building Activities

Team building ideas are activities meant to strengthen the relationship between your employees so as to maximize their productivity. Regardless of whether you have a big or small team it always good to have team building activities that will boost your team’s cohesiveness and make it more productive. There are various activities that can help you to achieve your desired goals. If you are looking for ideas on team building activities, then look no more as this article is meant for you.

In this article, we are going to look at some simple yet effective team building activities that can help to boost teamwork among your employees.

1. Creative Introductions.

Creative introductions can be used to introduce new team members. This game employs problem-solving tactics and creativity in a very fantastic way. To do this, you can ask all the participants to pick a piece of paper and ask them to write what cartoon character (or any other character) they would be if they were any. Let everybody hold the piece of paper on the forehead without revealing what they have written. Once they do this, you can now ask the to turn over their paper in a count of three so as to reveal whatever they have written.

2. Positive statements.

This is yet other activities meant to promote teamwork. In this activity, you will need to ask every team member to complete the sentence “My understanding of a positive team is like….” Let all the participants explain what their understanding of a positive team is. They should write it on a paper and keep these papers so that it reminds them of their statements. That way, they will be able to boost teamwork and productivity.

3. Sinking Boat.

This is one of the most fantastic and challenging team building activity that can help to boost employee creativity. Ask all the participants what they would do if they were in a sinking boat together with a priest, pregnant woman, doctor, child or an elderly man assuming that they had the capacity to save only one person. You can group your participants into groups and let each group come up with their own ideas. After this, they can present their creativity to the rest.

4. Say Names Backward.

You can ask all the participants to say their names backward. This is particularly if you have new members who you want to introduce to the rest. When they say their names backward the other member will have to use their creativity to get the real name. This can be a very fantastic way to create humor in your team.

5. Treasure Chest.

In this team building corporate events , you can ask all the participants to write what they would want to achieve on a piece of paper. After they have done this, collect all the pieces of paper and place them on a treasure chest. Pull them out one after the other and let everyone discuss how they can achieve whatever they wrote.

The above are some of the team building activities that you should consider if you are looking to strengthen the relationship between your employees.